If all men have a responsibility to tame women, then who controls the men?

I heard that in pre-modern times men often fixated on a woman, (who was considered strong), and by those penetrative eyes she was perceived to be irrational, and then because those invasive stares caused anxiety, it was the done thing get to her, by that I mean either tickle her up to lower her down; set her down and force her to submit to the male; even slander her in the back room because she was considered to prude to be ‘loved up’.

Femininity fought these brut conquests. But, there was also then, the women who took it to the extreme. Focusing on the male complex and in an effort to strike at the self-esteem of a female. Those women took the man’s heart in vain, used it to forcibly be the bigger ego (a form of conquest also), at it’s worst they tried to subtly transfer the shape of their ugly soul onto the targeted woman and escape in the image of her good-light, because she was coddled by a man. Of course men tried to employ women to be like this per say, but, those women disrespect the female body, allowing it to be a dumping ground; this harms women’s health!

Such soft violent behaviour creates an impression, whereby it is considered okay to assault or batter a woman. Like it is okay to degrade through asserting negativity in an effort to be a level above. Like it’s proper to cause distress and insist on non responsibility, or to console a sordid woman’s whinge. I could push this so far, as to say some men experience torment about their lady from such antics, and as a result lash at her because of dark and hurtful opinions.

I then noticed that those who cling onto a female, in effort to feel like a bigger man (or woman), used other women to force ill feelings into the heart of her; cutting her off at every motion because they strive to conquer the inferiority complex at the expense of that fem. By containing her, they have supposedly managed to isolate their problem. Insisting that she was the reason for aggressive acts. Moreover, implying that she is not a good woman; victimizing the victim.

I don’t think much of these inter-gender behaviours have changed.  I guess because women are taught to surrender to a man or otherwise they will be left out in the cold. Underpinning the reason for the lack of change however, I think some women have betrayed females in their effort to be fucked, used, and clamored by men. The feminist movement has somehow become a males idea, rather than a protest in resistance to sexual discrimination. How is it that they de criminalized the uncouth sexual antics, and politicized degradation to gratify people who copulate, as a means of fulfillment to their innermost desire?  Are the ignorant happy to ignore the reprocussions felt by innocent people because they enjoy the buzz.

Whilst it has been explained to me that it is the ‘natural thing to look upon the opposite sex for resolve and to find solutions, I must say I don’t believe the sexes to be either the same or opposite … they are distinctly different with an-ascertain and absolute complementary. The exploitation of conjoinence to manifest an idea or thought-bubble for the eyes is worsening, despite all the campaigns to prevent dis-temper in relationships. It might be a mans world, rather, in a more contemporary fashion: it is man who holds the globe, but that globe is not between the legs of a female, or in the nads of bloke nor can it be achieved by being on top of the highest building ever.

This planet is conditioned by Time, Gods, and God-forces, NOT the ‘godlike’ infection that blankets it from a one world, free for all view.




Tru3 Lov3

I am having a moment, please don’t harm me for doing so;
In true love, the focus is always about the distance, never about the gives,
At least in this I believe.
In true love, the reason for connection has a depth, beyond gratification,
It surpasses superficial and aesthetic
It is about the bonds of the invisible heart.
In this moment that I know, the cosmos has a great effect
In this truth that I am sharing,
True love has always had my heart.
I detested expectancies, for they were obstacles in my familiar
More like demands than the rewards for discipline and an affectionate hand
My loneliness was transverse.
In life I combatted those who tried to walk across my crown
Who wanted to keep my eye as their own
Who assumed to straddle me
Disarm me from their own bad interpretation
And pin me down.
Those then who willed
To dis-believe me
Appropriated my imagine, my spirit
Wanting again to be in that space of superior;
They sort to entice me
They lied to defame me
They, so begrudged, used slander
Innuendo, and
The element of doubt as the clout
Whilst all I had was true love,
My honor and my conviction.
In this moment, I stand as a victim,
In this truth I am a survivor
In love I will keep the truth,
Onto another day,
No-body can take that away.
For it is not many who are so lucky
As to have more than several true loves,
But, in this moment, I dare enough to say
There is none greater, which has been crossed
By those who do not have one.

© 2016 LRS

Just Thinking


If my babies were witnesses of the soul I actually am and they were stolen because a dictator wanted to shape my image, to be who he wanted others to see, thus allowing people to blow off the discipline of their own soul and work for him to complete a task, (my spirit designed), then there is an absolute problem.
Trying to keep hold of people who allow other people to decide for their heart based on the want of revenge (unjustly), only feeds their ego. Because what they want avenged is not a concept that can be changed, it is like trying to escape the convictions of the past that were sentenced in the right increments of law.

This driver, of what he believes to be his vessel, gives away the richness of the moral lines, he encourages immoral behaviour because without the respect for the metaphysical, he uses those people who are empty of value, he uses them to raise himself up, and encourage hatred in the energies of others. Conflict in the minds of those on a pathway of life.
Calling in achievers to try and denounce the Elder order, so he can perch himself on top, above the gods and taking the place of the Lord through semantical understanding of terms; like a blue wren who steals the wind of others to give to those who validate his wrongs, against the solid wings of direction, trying to create a drop pigeon.

The thing is, I don’t fight. I defend.
You see they can’t accept I see through my souls eyes and by refusing to adhere to the line I know, they try to curl it up, not wanting to loose it, but not wanting to accept me.
 Those wanting revenge still fight, by preaching goodness and denial, they antagonize and hallucinate trying to see outside of their own journey.
Influencing others they project my line of sight back on me. Those who have given themselves to reap the scars of revenge have no clarity, they are swimming in the eyes of those who also want to erase the past, erase the existence of me.
Filling themselves up, similar to delivering an essay without references, is how it feels.
Trying to defend against the bamboozlement of genocide recycled.
Like screen-shoting a private post and sharing it virally to people under another context, blocking that page from my view.
Stealing my identity, stealing my all.
Refusing to join the dots instead wanting to weave and give away what is me, making me fight. Accusing me of being obnoxious.
They don’t respect male and female, they want to destroy me, because they can’t be me. Arguing all the time because they want to capitalise on my alive, but not follow the knowledge, only take it in vain, causing so many pain.
They waged war on me because they failed to allow me to open a conversation with my family about what things meant to me. I aggravate when their influence sniggers people up reversing the truth, trying to wash it upon my aura. Accusing me of trying to alter the notion of lies that were churned up when I was entrapped by the very people who wanted to enact a stage where revenge could be perceived. The transference caused by insinuation.
Insinuation that tries to negative gear correlation and trick people to think.
My parental rights were stolen because those stage setters enjoyed my silence. Then used sex as an excuse. Confusion was the leverage of petulance.
I disappoint many when I cry, because everyday I feel that I have been exploited and those who done so are still trying to cover up their depth by pretending that I am a lessor.
Addicted to asking others about me, they use their opinions, I feel uncomfortable around others because of their intrusion. Influenced by the underlying want of revenge, crossed, I am thrown away. Considered too much trouble.
I deserve more than an apology, More than some ghostly effort to try and give me something to do because behind the cover-up, they know.
A am not some dragon fly, some nymph yet to form. That cop out is sheepish.
My needs are being ignored because of those who wanted to dance and deliver a story of time; those who wanted to insist I was a dead head and didn’t need to know; those who stole my happiness because they wanted to play god and interfere; and because of those who decided to boost them who were touched by my soul. Preventing them from connecting the dots.
Instead I was assaulted and thus the connections could not be ignored.
But, I will survive 🙂
Life is more than what is assumed.
Life is not a right to accumulate what you like the most, or to try and alter the shape of your soul. Life is progressive and time takes no orders from those who want to denounce it to fly in pockets of another’s light.


Shakespeare said, “the whole world is … [mother earths] stage all the people merely players [characters of god].
I have been taught that we (as humans) have our pre-face presentation and our backstage identity, but this is central to ones [true] being.
I think it is appalling how people try to twist this, and make a superficial version of them selves. Making this lateral rather than horizontal.  Trying to harness an audience, to project the fantasy of their sublime; to feed the audience with a ‘presentation’ of their persona. As a result this then allows their unconscious mind to blanket spaces, where it should not reach. I do not want the black death to suffocate human’s inner spiritual light all because they protect their backstage or true identity by trying to shift perspective and punish or convict another person based on gossip, insinuation and dredging up of closed issues.


If everything economical is revolved around growth, then the rot will drain value, cause frictions and inevitably erode the human spirit.

When ‘to be human’ comes only to ‘sustainability’; the regeneration of a capital margin. Mortals are left to be seen as ‘insignificant’. The inhospitable attitude outweighs compassion, especially when compassion becomes submissive to demand, and that demand then tries to dictate the ‘service’. Blinded by the stagnate ideology of [national] institute, the compassion is reflected to be only a one sided trait or discursive. Therefore, the cycle and the vortex of poverty, disease, famine, homelessness etcetera, becomes apparently normalised. Thrown in the too hard basket as equity becomes the excuse.

Worldwide, there are places to build, there are funds out there, there are sanctions which demand juxtaposition and freedom within global liberty. And yet, there are those who like to apex the humble to squeeze a profit, by adding them to the ‘needy’ list. Whilst those who want to play political game-fare, teach these niche societies to detest their [free] commodities and strive for better. Displacing the displaced and displacing the worth of those who provide out of charitable awe.

With such education systems on organization and moral, how is it that parents are taught to treat children as militants, whilst the ‘institute’ is shaped to parent? Moreover, the institute has hidey-holes for administrators to disappear into when mistakes are made, and teams employed to cover the scene [that’s the power of the fool]. Victimising the victims with red-tape and allowing churches to sacrilege their personal growth in the name of passion and nicety.

Do you see the imbalance in this equation?

The unwell state of the world [no the world has ended]; the globe [no that feeds capital investors the illusion it is in their hand]; the earth [well that, to an extent fuels sodomy and violence against women because some fools picture the human body to be the body greater as man has in the past, tried to outwit or vainly overpower god, god forces and the gods]; the planet, is not because of the economic functionality, it is because of the mis-use of welfare, and the neoliberal ‘proposal’ which allows exploitation and the undercutting of individual thinking to instead support the encouragement of thinking like parasites and stealing senses so that the ‘bigger man’ is no more than a portfolio of [achieved] degradation.

All humans, can’t be gods.

All humans are ‘players [actors; beings] in Mother Earths stage. They are not what they achieve, rather what they achieve is evidence of whom they are. No-one has any right to capitalize or augment the stage. All humans are bound by truth. Not the truth they condition people to ‘back them’ with, but by what the planets consciousness sees of them. When the upstanding people are mostly caring for their own souls progression, they condense the lives of others. Virtue is a footpath which is driven by fate. Destiny is opportunity, but it can never be constructed by those who value themselves above the systemic order of the lord [lore].

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Maybe you should accept that it is violent to stand above women instead of in juxtaposition.
The shit-mess of ideology of weather or not, a hermaphrodite, man or woman came first is the buzz-feed; the innuendo that inadvertently allows un-contested lies to be the matriarch of social order in the constructed masculine society … dictated by money (here’s a question: what happens when growth is outgrown? aww that’s right it becomes a paradox where theft is conditioned by fools-gold. Fools-gold being worshiped and thereby the truly cultural rich are stricken to be ousted because they might colour-up the learning beyond the bureaucracy: poverty laden because they have to sell their wares and their wares become translated and non-continual; commercial. Of course they can be tamed to rejoin community and savoir faire under conditions, because, civility is not love therefore it has the tardy hand of dictatorship).
As for the above. If I were to say neither, and that all even the hermaphrodite has one sex bias you would shout boring… because by Odin theoretic there must be fun in life and war is fun to those with superseded minds [here’s where the trick comes in …. it’s not Asgard, its … whatchmacallit, ya know black fellas land; indeed and no-one would dare double up in inferiority and stolen land complexity, here’s the thing, I didn’t but it sounded good for those who wanted a common enemy to say that I did, right].
For the fucking record, if I was not deprived of conversation, if I was not treated like a ‘tool,’ expected to be the same as everybody else [just the excuse for the experiment and researchers levee, hey], I would not have had to indulge to combat those who oppressed me to teach my children that life is bigger than being cooped in a room and left like flowers in the attic. Nor would I have been able to decode, exactly what fucked up beliefs and transgressions idiot humans trying to create a stratosphere of reality had done, had danced to and had given their hearts in ample [death] to relish, and thus started the domino effect [but string theory is taboo, yea].
I am tired of the harassment by those who fell in their striving to achieve glory, and it is appalling that I am subject of contentment based on  a one sided thoroughfare


Memories of the imagine
Reminders in touch
Peoples past stories

Which can never be transferred
Onto me; into mine
To the aura of adverse

Who is anyone to refute fate
Instead to assume
It is to die

Playing to create destiny
Where desire turns the wheel
Defying the harmony
Instead trying to control the vortex

I wonder if my actions for existence
Shape these radical games

Where the depth is electively forgone
And mimicry the design

What idiot tries to steal an eye
To run the focus of a show
Trying to engineer the attitudes
Of subjects they squirm within

Locking in a room
A mother who does nothing but love her babes
Teaching them the respectful ways
Nurturing what they saw together
When they saw with her from within

Strands of life have pathways
Stands have spine and sin
The planet has a consciousness

All characters are absolute
Energy is planetary
Not universal
Yet existentry