The subjects who tried to approach the people owned by this land, connected to me

To launch some kind of anchor, to raise a roof below

The female flaps of evil

And run an war of mentality

Against the planets conscious direction

and design.

They have fronted to the masses

Trying to cast a frame of mind

Wanting for whatever catches to continued

All the whilst I see they are mimicking the deeper

Cognitive of me

They scratch upon the surface, trying to be projected whilst they are pummeled from behind

Trying to will transference of my touches

Onto other peoples state of life

Pinching at parts of my immortality

Cross contaminating the continual of the insightful eye

Trying to drain the brains of people

Whist thatching to the retina of the eye,

This optical illusion

They toy with the immoral and shout rainbow,


Whilst they will to reflect my all as a horror

And refute the charge of dishonor

they see evil in their downlight

refusing to accept the assistance of light to set them free

All to busy having fun

Challenging the cosmos, and her rules

As the goal of their game;

A game that came from refusal

To accept the progress of destiny

And act to manifest a portfolio

Trying to tell fate

Where it should go

Impersonators so empty

They try to turn the facts of planet as host upside down

Trying to use a person

As their host

Whilst they steal and harm health by what they

Concoct in the everyday

Never accepting a defeat

They try to spin the words I write

Wanting to make to people take awash the truth of them

In insinuation and see it of me


© 2016


The conflict has already started; those who were responsible for ebola; where science beat, nature showed. They try to use the science of combat of zika to cut back into the ebola frame but by spreading darkness across peoples eyes. I try to cut that off, but they employ racism and hatred to try and call this nation black, not light, storming up the want to dominate all eyes as they want to engineer a nation state.

I gave time to deliver the code, but was thrown away for a chase of the dollar; to chase a delusion of conquering what was mirrored inside of a cunt struck mind. That lack is the deficit, where the definition is sucking back the positive energy and spreading negativity.

Energies are correlative to the core and the seven marks of man. There is no tricks which may force a imagined state of fallacy and illusion to allow a fraud to reign. Nor for the weapon of love to be a static field of conscious permission and zen, especially when it is produced from the evil eye or supports the description thus devaluing the definition (the woman pulled into a forbidden womb, by a man born from a forbidden womb, looking backwards in time to try and wield their own now as a higher power than the continuum of time and mortality).

I write this because My now is so oppressed by the game to compress me into nothing. The concepts I have read through psyche are being used as suggestion to conjure up pebbles for my future, so that the evil minds can try to draw their binds and restrictions and cast them out, thinking that they will be removed from them and someone else then gets the problem of solving. All people will only have their own destiny and fate, may no one or many be conditioned by this evil threat. The transference of evil, because evil defied the lore’s of life and has a heart is all surface and superficial, the trails of such malarkey I wish may not harm humans, but my wish can not be considered a gift to the evil.

Jesus was conspired against as his immortal soul was targeted and an illusion cast. The same was done to me in this life, by the same two people. They have for centuries, chased trying to achieve a sanctuary where they could be worshipped. They tandem with others to try to trick the minds eye and destroy the cosmic light of time to spread their dark frame. .Correlation does this on a much larger [global] scale, and is not theirs to denounce or trump by their foolish and feeble attempts to manifest their own myth. Simply, they have taken the reason for their denial (being correlation) and used it in the backswing of resentment to try and pitch the insightful state of value and performance, they try to turn many peoples heads backwards and looking in the wrong direction of time, trying to upraise themselves in a higher power. Along with it, a place for excuses (and uncouth and extreme behaviour) to be churned without any regard for the lore’s of conviction and intent. This damnation is a global atrocity.

No condemnation of my noticing shall allow it to be the future norm. the past cannot be over-turned regardless of those trying to make majikal flips. Destiny dissolves thing which are not meant to be kept, but those who refuse destiny to uphold what is denied by fate are people which have no allowance to infect in a godlike or spectacle sense.











If all men have a responsibility to tame women, then who controls the men?

I heard that in pre-modern times men often fixated on a woman, (who was considered strong), and by those penetrative eyes she was perceived to be irrational, and then because those invasive stares caused anxiety, it was the done thing get to her, by that I mean either tickle her up to lower her down; set her down and force her to submit to the male; even slander her in the back room because she was considered to prude to be ‘loved up’.

Femininity fought these brut conquests. But, there was also then, the women who took it to the extreme. Focusing on the male complex and in an effort to strike at the self-esteem of a female. Those women took the man’s heart in vain, used it to forcibly be the bigger ego (a form of conquest also), at it’s worst they tried to subtly transfer the shape of their ugly soul onto the targeted woman and escape in the image of her good-light, because she was coddled by a man. Of course men tried to employ women to be like this per say, but, those women disrespect the female body, allowing it to be a dumping ground; this harms women’s health!

Such soft violent behaviour creates an impression, whereby it is considered okay to assault or batter a woman. Like it is okay to degrade through asserting negativity in an effort to be a level above. Like it’s proper to cause distress and insist on non responsibility, or to console a sordid woman’s whinge. I could push this so far, as to say some men experience torment about their lady from such antics, and as a result lash at her because of dark and hurtful opinions.

I then noticed that those who cling onto a female, in effort to feel like a bigger man (or woman), used other women to force ill feelings into the heart of her; cutting her off at every motion because they strive to conquer the inferiority complex at the expense of that fem. By containing her, they have supposedly managed to isolate their problem. Insisting that she was the reason for aggressive acts. Moreover, implying that she is not a good woman; victimizing the victim.

I don’t think much of these inter-gender behaviours have changed.  I guess because women are taught to surrender to a man or otherwise they will be left out in the cold. Underpinning the reason for the lack of change however, I think some women have betrayed females in their effort to be fucked, used, and clamored by men. The feminist movement has somehow become a males idea, rather than a protest in resistance to sexual discrimination. How is it that they de criminalized the uncouth sexual antics, and politicized degradation to gratify people who copulate, as a means of fulfillment to their innermost desire?  Are the ignorant happy to ignore the reprocussions felt by innocent people because they enjoy the buzz.

Whilst it has been explained to me that it is the ‘natural thing to look upon the opposite sex for resolve and to find solutions, I must say I don’t believe the sexes to be either the same or opposite … they are distinctly different with an-ascertain and absolute complementary. The exploitation of conjoinence to manifest an idea or thought-bubble for the eyes is worsening, despite all the campaigns to prevent dis-temper in relationships. It might be a mans world, rather, in a more contemporary fashion: it is man who holds the globe, but that globe is not between the legs of a female, or in the nads of bloke nor can it be achieved by being on top of the highest building ever.

This planet is conditioned by Time, Gods, and God-forces, NOT the ‘godlike’ infection that blankets it from a one world, free for all view.




If everything economical is revolved around growth, then the rot will drain value, cause frictions and inevitably erode the human spirit.

When ‘to be human’ comes only to ‘sustainability’; the regeneration of a capital margin. Mortals are left to be seen as ‘insignificant’. The inhospitable attitude outweighs compassion, especially when compassion becomes submissive to demand, and that demand then tries to dictate the ‘service’. Blinded by the stagnate ideology of [national] institute, the compassion is reflected to be only a one sided trait or discursive. Therefore, the cycle and the vortex of poverty, disease, famine, homelessness etcetera, becomes apparently normalised. Thrown in the too hard basket as equity becomes the excuse.

Worldwide, there are places to build, there are funds out there, there are sanctions which demand juxtaposition and freedom within global liberty. And yet, there are those who like to apex the humble to squeeze a profit, by adding them to the ‘needy’ list. Whilst those who want to play political game-fare, teach these niche societies to detest their [free] commodities and strive for better. Displacing the displaced and displacing the worth of those who provide out of charitable awe.

With such education systems on organization and moral, how is it that parents are taught to treat children as militants, whilst the ‘institute’ is shaped to parent? Moreover, the institute has hidey-holes for administrators to disappear into when mistakes are made, and teams employed to cover the scene [that’s the power of the fool]. Victimising the victims with red-tape and allowing churches to sacrilege their personal growth in the name of passion and nicety.

Do you see the imbalance in this equation?

The unwell state of the world [no the world has ended]; the globe [no that feeds capital investors the illusion it is in their hand]; the earth [well that, to an extent fuels sodomy and violence against women because some fools picture the human body to be the body greater as man has in the past, tried to outwit or vainly overpower god, god forces and the gods]; the planet, is not because of the economic functionality, it is because of the mis-use of welfare, and the neoliberal ‘proposal’ which allows exploitation and the undercutting of individual thinking to instead support the encouragement of thinking like parasites and stealing senses so that the ‘bigger man’ is no more than a portfolio of [achieved] degradation.

All humans, can’t be gods.

All humans are ‘players [actors; beings] in Mother Earths stage. They are not what they achieve, rather what they achieve is evidence of whom they are. No-one has any right to capitalize or augment the stage. All humans are bound by truth. Not the truth they condition people to ‘back them’ with, but by what the planets consciousness sees of them. When the upstanding people are mostly caring for their own souls progression, they condense the lives of others. Virtue is a footpath which is driven by fate. Destiny is opportunity, but it can never be constructed by those who value themselves above the systemic order of the lord [lore].

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I do believe the earth has functionality, just like the planet has places where energies of the fate erupt
I do believe there are people who investigate, and try to transfer the badges or gifts, using influence to threaten and infect minds creating chatter to float their boat of snatch and insist.
Whilst on a deeper level, they try to capitalise on the mechanisms of the mother earth [not the godlike incarnate body, but through focusing on a sphere].
Because certain power mongers see the planet earth as a machine without any consciousness, only matter and materials for them to use, to engineer ideals of their own moral project and desires of spherical configuration.
They want to take possession and host the host itself wanting all life and existence to bow to their masculine strength.
Earth is Gaia, my mother.
She will not let me be torn apart, by those who confuse my identity.


Every time I write, they feel I push, in their favour.
I do not.
So, they wage warfare because they fail to fly in mine.
Time spent in love. Love of connection, knowing and yet unasked.
As a result of their ignorant failure to recognise and listen,
they exploit my identity.
I refuse to allow my shadow to be their hollow shape,
for inserting light into to get at the minds of many.
Their inner struggle their love.
They didn’t want to give up the fight.
Fighting truly, the shadow of themselves.
Wanting to be branded by those outside.
Willing to steal, to counteract the stories within,
To march and devour the myth of the hour
In effort to see themselves as the future.
The conflict in me,
In me alone
Is the knowing that I see
I see them refusing to grow
Instead wanting others to grow and empower them.
Taking what they looked at instead of what they were destined to give
Abroad, and for the greater good.
Transference effect other people involved, they too want only advantage
I am not their scape goat.
The knot of the two the vacuum of resist
That should have been cut by the talk silenced up,
I took back with the last kiss.

© All rights reserved. LRS.


Monkey see Monkey do.
I have my own face,
I am not under you.
Force me down
by weight and wrist
You violent mongrels
I stop your fist
I feel it is
Your inferiority
Which insists.

He says to my kids,
Stay on my mind’s side,
Don’t tell you mother,
she let me go
I fight,

I say let them go,
He pulls negativity across the good
He hurts me when he does so
Endangering them with lies,
Harming the light of their eyes,
Encouraging transference
Continuing with a forbidden ally,
Angry, he takes to women
Wanting women to turn upon me
Even in nicety,
They are not story tellers
Merely characters of his scene

His cross path,
Has had others harmed
He doesn’t care,
Wants me to pay instead,
To be dominant where he must not tred,
He spreads throughout my everyone,
The thought pro-found,
‘I know nothing’ …
Keeping a sordid beacon alive,

When that doesn’t blend
He reverts,
His fury, the coldness I couldn’t love,
Telling me to cut,
Like he is the producer of my mind,
Worse, he refused to accept
That I was on the ball
Me watching,
Holding all my honor
As his valor dis-honoured his own self
My love for he, dissolved,
Just as his parasite willed
Trying to steal my power
And continue as twins
Demeaning the guidance, he denied
At times using it in vain

He didn’t want to break,
He wanted to have me broken,
The truth is not in
The field he pitches
But the curs’ed cloud that follows
The light above and beyond the biology
For his cover-up is only pressuring
Dark space

In systemic order,
There is no biology
In systemic order,
There are no higher clouds
The conflict that is mirrored
Is all the slut can do these days
The confused see prudence to be sour
But that is the cheek of those
Sordidly trying to devour

Bound by so many who wanted him
To be their pony crusader
Putting forth the show,
Where the story I know
Is sacrificed
So all can tell their own

The wrongful use of silence
So he can appear to be the keeper
Of a throne of unknown,
Ownership of everything
In the imagined place,
Is the biggest crock
Using speech to try and cloud over,
Devaluing the truth of verse and meek

The energies of past
Must flow through
Every given lot
So that the spirit and the memories
Are resolved
and time has plot,
It cannot be strewn across
Nor thatched by those who want to stomp.
Oxygen is not a fiber
The soul cannot be lost
They evolve, by moving forward
Not chasing what they saw in black

Especially if earth calls you
To devour,
Those who invaded
To take and develop
A new spot,
A new story,
Undermining those who feel the colours of time
But are smashed
So the imagine is told to die

The catapult refraction
gives nothing to the vain
Nothing to the illusionists
Who want to increase pain
Denying the snap
trying to birth a new attitude
Dare I say
The dragon bites
And say’s absolutely
No way!


This poem is not open to interpretation. It has been written. LRS.


When the truth is questioned to implore dictated ideology, it can not be called reality. The misuse of time to create a paradoxical dimension, [like the fact that opportunists have tried to use the cyber dimension and the suggestion; that time has no lead, and that anything can be input in any place or at any moment and it still only projects towards the direction of time relay] is not reality either.
Trying to take hold of a being, called the keeper of time, making him a pawn in the shadow title, a father of time. Whilst insisting any who co-operably provides to that particular energy [human] being, has the power to own the hands of time, is so detrimental the population explosion indicates the planet is trying to out weight the ideology of that taking to ground. Twisting up the actual meaning of mother earths love-loops has been a game, that for as long as remembered, never grows, only stagnates the brains of mortals and thus, arouses violence and dis-obedience.

What they [opportunists] will for, is evil. Evil in this modality is reaching into a past tense and willing for the facts not be actual, but rather allowed to be changed, so that the future gives them the higher power. The human is not a computer programme, therefore these desires cannot be secured, the reality will snap back at the attempts. Opportunists will employ people to cover up the signs, instead creating melodrama about the victims if their game [by the way, the attempt to use the ‘Such is life’ slogan, is no longer an allowable recoil, for those who actively and free willingly try to change the course of fate. The such has caused violence, and crimes unnecessarily.
The cosmos is no computer programme neither. Time is constant. I might have to remind all, that planet, means plan-to-it, all fate has been created before life began. Infinite doesn’t mean numberless, it means continuum. Neither are cards in the hands of humans.

Technically, there are those who say, that they are faster than light, this is called inertia. It doesn’t happen to people on earth, even if they try to in-vision the future whilst believing they are riding the rock, taking chemicals, proclaiming to be at one with earth. Their insult to the planets consciousness is an abysmal attitude and anal in all density. This concept has been used to try and press in mortal desires, create thrones and draw interpersonal drones of, wanna be social attitude setters, who treat society as a cluster. Trying to parent it whilst forcing parents to stop igniting the minds of their children, instead make them [children] subjects of the capitalists who want to ‘download’ ways to think. This, the reverse equation of myth, trying to destroy mythology. Mythology is the binary of planet and time. Not ingredients for some master conspiracy to drain the colour of humanity, killing hearts. Offering financial rewards to those who can bow to those who try and dish the fallacy of insightful depiction. The builders, wanting to monopolize states and terms of life, know no truth. They want to walk on the roof, vanquish systemic order and proclaim themselves as gods. Threatening to kill or defame any who might have leverage, so they don’t have to accept shame.
They would take an opportunity to raise a woman, and call it being supportive of feminists, but they don’t give respect to the actual binary of male and female harmony in life. Wanting rather to dominate by creating an idol woman, a monogamous couple, which gives them all control. This is not balance, it is oppressive and un-natural.The way they try to hypnotically string people along is the entrapment.
Trying to take hold of people’s sublime, by their souls spiritual presence at particular historical moment and trying to muster an audience to retell a story which, by large, is not theirs to demonstrate is a crime higher than any court of law can league [this doesn’t mean they are escape artists, karma exists].
Teaching people to ignore the truth of cosmic time and resolve to try, instead and teach cold hate and despise, so they can freeze their own consequence or make others cry it away, is their blatancy, moreover false focus. I have watched humans actively try to capture a spirit who has the right to address a story of time, but silence instead silenced them. I have seen those bound in silence coveted and worked on to open up the round house, where by children are taught to spin their heads along with the planet, by targeting a point of the past. This false ideal of having gravity at the foot and a head in the sky is seriously only eyes on the clock, but yet somewhere in the tribulations of belief, it seem to keep these people thinking that the ability is real. The disregard for their intellect behind their own eyes is invasive.