Fractured by a Chiro

Here’s the thing …

A good doctor pointed out that I had been injured by a chiro. She was moved from her residence.

I will name and shame the chiro, and no amount of character support shall be the decider (see inserted image)

After I made a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission, the chiro used my explanation of the time between the occurrence and the x-ray and went further to suggest it was pre-occurring. The element of doubt, no less. As well as unjust and feeble attempts to shift the blame. As far as the intent warrants, I believe he intended to deny all responsibility and  duck for cover. He was careless and distracted by another male visitor. Rushed in fact. He did not look at me as an individual because I am female.

***There was no other incident or action that could have fractured my rib other than his physical manipulation of my skeleton***

Seeing me as a law suit, he stood to avoid responsibility instead of being honest or sincere.

I will hold him accountable, because I am not a body that came to him for help.

I am a person, and my doctor has been accused of breaching professional line for being truth full.

Should I be trailed by a dark shadow of deceit because of accusations of me being an accuser rather than the injured?

Should I have to wear the stains of malice because such a shadow gives a roof for people to make torches to shine on themselves?

This incident was not a mythical incident it was malpractice. This incident might have been pushed by those always trying to deliver me to suit their own outlook, but that means I resisted them.

Should I be punished for my strength, whilst rumors and reputation slurs are churned up by the pests who assume to have all the answers to my minds eye?

Seriously, this chiropractor is responsible for actual physical harm to my body.