The subjects who tried to approach the people owned by this land, connected to me

To launch some kind of anchor, to raise a roof below

The female flaps of evil

And run an war of mentality

Against the planets conscious direction

and design.

They have fronted to the masses

Trying to cast a frame of mind

Wanting for whatever catches to continued

All the whilst I see they are mimicking the deeper

Cognitive of me

They scratch upon the surface, trying to be projected whilst they are pummeled from behind

Trying to will transference of my touches

Onto other peoples state of life

Pinching at parts of my immortality

Cross contaminating the continual of the insightful eye

Trying to drain the brains of people

Whist thatching to the retina of the eye,

This optical illusion

They toy with the immoral and shout rainbow,


Whilst they will to reflect my all as a horror

And refute the charge of dishonor

they see evil in their downlight

refusing to accept the assistance of light to set them free

All to busy having fun

Challenging the cosmos, and her rules

As the goal of their game;

A game that came from refusal

To accept the progress of destiny

And act to manifest a portfolio

Trying to tell fate

Where it should go

Impersonators so empty

They try to turn the facts of planet as host upside down

Trying to use a person

As their host

Whilst they steal and harm health by what they

Concoct in the everyday

Never accepting a defeat

They try to spin the words I write

Wanting to make to people take awash the truth of them

In insinuation and see it of me


© 2016


The conflict has already started; those who were responsible for ebola; where science beat, nature showed. They try to use the science of combat of zika to cut back into the ebola frame but by spreading darkness across peoples eyes. I try to cut that off, but they employ racism and hatred to try and call this nation black, not light, storming up the want to dominate all eyes as they want to engineer a nation state.

I gave time to deliver the code, but was thrown away for a chase of the dollar; to chase a delusion of conquering what was mirrored inside of a cunt struck mind. That lack is the deficit, where the definition is sucking back the positive energy and spreading negativity.

Energies are correlative to the core and the seven marks of man. There is no tricks which may force a imagined state of fallacy and illusion to allow a fraud to reign. Nor for the weapon of love to be a static field of conscious permission and zen, especially when it is produced from the evil eye or supports the description thus devaluing the definition (the woman pulled into a forbidden womb, by a man born from a forbidden womb, looking backwards in time to try and wield their own now as a higher power than the continuum of time and mortality).

I write this because My now is so oppressed by the game to compress me into nothing. The concepts I have read through psyche are being used as suggestion to conjure up pebbles for my future, so that the evil minds can try to draw their binds and restrictions and cast them out, thinking that they will be removed from them and someone else then gets the problem of solving. All people will only have their own destiny and fate, may no one or many be conditioned by this evil threat. The transference of evil, because evil defied the lore’s of life and has a heart is all surface and superficial, the trails of such malarkey I wish may not harm humans, but my wish can not be considered a gift to the evil.

Jesus was conspired against as his immortal soul was targeted and an illusion cast. The same was done to me in this life, by the same two people. They have for centuries, chased trying to achieve a sanctuary where they could be worshipped. They tandem with others to try to trick the minds eye and destroy the cosmic light of time to spread their dark frame. .Correlation does this on a much larger [global] scale, and is not theirs to denounce or trump by their foolish and feeble attempts to manifest their own myth. Simply, they have taken the reason for their denial (being correlation) and used it in the backswing of resentment to try and pitch the insightful state of value and performance, they try to turn many peoples heads backwards and looking in the wrong direction of time, trying to upraise themselves in a higher power. Along with it, a place for excuses (and uncouth and extreme behaviour) to be churned without any regard for the lore’s of conviction and intent. This damnation is a global atrocity.

No condemnation of my noticing shall allow it to be the future norm. the past cannot be over-turned regardless of those trying to make majikal flips. Destiny dissolves thing which are not meant to be kept, but those who refuse destiny to uphold what is denied by fate are people which have no allowance to infect in a godlike or spectacle sense.