I can not scream don’t treat me like I am a possession loud enough
I can not scream I asked for freedom and instead was imprisoned loud enough
I want so much for me not to be abandoned, but there is no-one deserved of my attention
Instead I feel abused, violated and treated like I am unkind
I am not needing to be carried, by those who want to win over me
not win in the sense as to liken
but win to defeat
I scream stop hurting me,
I wear a chronic physical injury and a memory of assaults on me
Every time they mosey in to help
like pop-up after issues were closed.
I can not forget how little my love meant
when I was crying
I can not tell anyone
Because what name do I charge
For the constant mental harassment
It is not fair this worm sees how all see it, but never listened to me
It is an offence for the violent to try to play god
When they are expelled
because they done me wrong.