Hallowed is the past

If I was to say that time is carried by the light of the eyes and space carried by the black, would I be accused of trying to disturb the shallow people who want to emulate a presence, and attract attention? Would I be attacked for saying all eyes hold both (blackness and light), and that skin colour is not a deflection allowing for people to attain views of the light and black, of themselves or others. Would I be attacked because that’s how people play, despite the fact that skin colour is on the tangent of human connections of stella, rather than a representation of ancient or today or stars and dark matter?

If I was to say that that time is the binary of existence and bubbles of now won’t change or alter the fate, would the seriousness of crimes which challenge the ability to see clearly and know the increments of maturity that are needed for both faith and common respect, go in-punished? Will the offenders be excused because some people see only their own space as being the most important thing, disregarding confinements of juxtaposition? Allowing the whiners to win instead of the tales of time that hold the turn and kill the game to be perceived as prime. Is it that to be kind rather than alienated, they act to be the voucher of mourners, rather than be a resistor of seduction? And that the cruel call the victims seducers and those with intention of bad will, delinquents, thus excusing their cuss ??

If I was to say that grey doesn’t feature in the eyes because each person has only the ability to see from their soul or not. That each eye has a quantum which is what makes humans apart of the universe. And within that quantum there are dimensions which should not be explored, exploited or exchanged. There is an unchangeable, character dynamic of and within humanity. Would I now be asked to find proof, especially by those who want to be more, to be greater than their walk as they become less, less because the rate of human population is so quickly exploding, they feel they can combat anyone or any character to hold the highest point of view?


I don’t think that people have learned to accept we are a part of an exist. A system, that was made long before the big bang, before the evolution of lungs and skeletons, before the dinosaurs’ extinction which marked the beginning of the ‘human’ rainbow. I don’t think people accept that the Earth hosts life and is not just a rock which may be designed to be rode by whoever can construct the deepest objective.


Anyway, that’s my gripe for the Samhain xxo