If all men have a responsibility to tame women, then who controls the men?

I heard that in pre-modern times men often fixated on a woman, (who was considered strong), and by those penetrative eyes she was perceived to be irrational, and then because those invasive stares caused anxiety, it was the done thing get to her, by that I mean either tickle her up to lower her down; set her down and force her to submit to the male; even slander her in the back room because she was considered to prude to be ‘loved up’.

Femininity fought these brut conquests. But, there was also then, the women who took it to the extreme. Focusing on the male complex and in an effort to strike at the self-esteem of a female. Those women took the man’s heart in vain, used it to forcibly be the bigger ego (a form of conquest also), at it’s worst they tried to subtly transfer the shape of their ugly soul onto the targeted woman and escape in the image of her good-light, because she was coddled by a man. Of course men tried to employ women to be like this per say, but, those women disrespect the female body, allowing it to be a dumping ground; this harms women’s health!

Such soft violent behaviour creates an impression, whereby it is considered okay to assault or batter a woman. Like it is okay to degrade through asserting negativity in an effort to be a level above. Like it’s proper to cause distress and insist on non responsibility, or to console a sordid woman’s whinge. I could push this so far, as to say some men experience torment about their lady from such antics, and as a result lash at her because of dark and hurtful opinions.

I then noticed that those who cling onto a female, in effort to feel like a bigger man (or woman), used other women to force ill feelings into the heart of her; cutting her off at every motion because they strive to conquer the inferiority complex at the expense of that fem. By containing her, they have supposedly managed to isolate their problem. Insisting that she was the reason for aggressive acts. Moreover, implying that she is not a good woman; victimizing the victim.

I don’t think much of these inter-gender behaviours have changed.  I guess because women are taught to surrender to a man or otherwise they will be left out in the cold. Underpinning the reason for the lack of change however, I think some women have betrayed females in their effort to be fucked, used, and clamored by men. The feminist movement has somehow become a males idea, rather than a protest in resistance to sexual discrimination. How is it that they de criminalized the uncouth sexual antics, and politicized degradation to gratify people who copulate, as a means of fulfillment to their innermost desire?  Are the ignorant happy to ignore the reprocussions felt by innocent people because they enjoy the buzz.

Whilst it has been explained to me that it is the ‘natural thing to look upon the opposite sex for resolve and to find solutions, I must say I don’t believe the sexes to be either the same or opposite … they are distinctly different with an-ascertain and absolute complementary. The exploitation of conjoinence to manifest an idea or thought-bubble for the eyes is worsening, despite all the campaigns to prevent dis-temper in relationships. It might be a mans world, rather, in a more contemporary fashion: it is man who holds the globe, but that globe is not between the legs of a female, or in the nads of bloke nor can it be achieved by being on top of the highest building ever.

This planet is conditioned by Time, Gods, and God-forces, NOT the ‘godlike’ infection that blankets it from a one world, free for all view.