Tru3 Lov3

I am having a moment, please don’t harm me for doing so;
In true love, the focus is always about the distance, never about the gives,
At least in this I believe.
In true love, the reason for connection has a depth, beyond gratification,
It surpasses superficial and aesthetic
It is about the bonds of the invisible heart.
In this moment that I know, the cosmos has a great effect
In this truth that I am sharing,
True love has always had my heart.
I detested expectancies, for they were obstacles in my familiar
More like demands than the rewards for discipline and an affectionate hand
My loneliness was transverse.
In life I combatted those who tried to walk across my crown
Who wanted to keep my eye as their own
Who assumed to straddle me
Disarm me from their own bad interpretation
And pin me down.
Those then who willed
To dis-believe me
Appropriated my imagine, my spirit
Wanting again to be in that space of superior;
They sort to entice me
They lied to defame me
They, so begrudged, used slander
Innuendo, and
The element of doubt as the clout
Whilst all I had was true love,
My honor and my conviction.
In this moment, I stand as a victim,
In this truth I am a survivor
In love I will keep the truth,
Onto another day,
No-body can take that away.
For it is not many who are so lucky
As to have more than several true loves,
But, in this moment, I dare enough to say
There is none greater, which has been crossed
By those who do not have one.

© 2016 LRS