If everything economical is revolved around growth, then the rot will drain value, cause frictions and inevitably erode the human spirit.

When ‘to be human’ comes only to ‘sustainability’; the regeneration of a capital margin. Mortals are left to be seen as ‘insignificant’. The inhospitable attitude outweighs compassion, especially when compassion becomes submissive to demand, and that demand then tries to dictate the ‘service’. Blinded by the stagnate ideology of [national] institute, the compassion is reflected to be only a one sided trait or discursive. Therefore, the cycle and the vortex of poverty, disease, famine, homelessness etcetera, becomes apparently normalised. Thrown in the too hard basket as equity becomes the excuse.

Worldwide, there are places to build, there are funds out there, there are sanctions which demand juxtaposition and freedom within global liberty. And yet, there are those who like to apex the humble to squeeze a profit, by adding them to the ‘needy’ list. Whilst those who want to play political game-fare, teach these niche societies to detest their [free] commodities and strive for better. Displacing the displaced and displacing the worth of those who provide out of charitable awe.

With such education systems on organization and moral, how is it that parents are taught to treat children as militants, whilst the ‘institute’ is shaped to parent? Moreover, the institute has hidey-holes for administrators to disappear into when mistakes are made, and teams employed to cover the scene [that’s the power of the fool]. Victimising the victims with red-tape and allowing churches to sacrilege their personal growth in the name of passion and nicety.

Do you see the imbalance in this equation?

The unwell state of the world [no the world has ended]; the globe [no that feeds capital investors the illusion it is in their hand]; the earth [well that, to an extent fuels sodomy and violence against women because some fools picture the human body to be the body greater as man has in the past, tried to outwit or vainly overpower god, god forces and the gods]; the planet, is not because of the economic functionality, it is because of the mis-use of welfare, and the neoliberal ‘proposal’ which allows exploitation and the undercutting of individual thinking to instead support the encouragement of thinking like parasites and stealing senses so that the ‘bigger man’ is no more than a portfolio of [achieved] degradation.

All humans, can’t be gods.

All humans are ‘players [actors; beings] in Mother Earths stage. They are not what they achieve, rather what they achieve is evidence of whom they are. No-one has any right to capitalize or augment the stage. All humans are bound by truth. Not the truth they condition people to ‘back them’ with, but by what the planets consciousness sees of them. When the upstanding people are mostly caring for their own souls progression, they condense the lives of others. Virtue is a footpath which is driven by fate. Destiny is opportunity, but it can never be constructed by those who value themselves above the systemic order of the lord [lore].