Memories of the imagine
Reminders in touch
Peoples past stories

Which can never be transferred
Onto me; into mine
To the aura of adverse

Who is anyone to refute fate
Instead to assume
It is to die

Playing to create destiny
Where desire turns the wheel
Defying the harmony
Instead trying to control the vortex

I wonder if my actions for existence
Shape these radical games

Where the depth is electively forgone
And mimicry the design

What idiot tries to steal an eye
To run the focus of a show
Trying to engineer the attitudes
Of subjects they squirm within

Locking in a room
A mother who does nothing but love her babes
Teaching them the respectful ways
Nurturing what they saw together
When they saw with her from within

Strands of life have pathways
Stands have spine and sin
The planet has a consciousness

All characters are absolute
Energy is planetary
Not universal
Yet existentry