Maybe you should accept that it is violent to stand above women instead of in juxtaposition.
The shit-mess of ideology of weather or not, a hermaphrodite, man or woman came first is the buzz-feed; the innuendo that inadvertently allows un-contested lies to be the matriarch of social order in the constructed masculine society … dictated by money (here’s a question: what happens when growth is outgrown? aww that’s right it becomes a paradox where theft is conditioned by fools-gold. Fools-gold being worshiped and thereby the truly cultural rich are stricken to be ousted because they might colour-up the learning beyond the bureaucracy: poverty laden because they have to sell their wares and their wares become translated and non-continual; commercial. Of course they can be tamed to rejoin community and savoir faire under conditions, because, civility is not love therefore it has the tardy hand of dictatorship).
As for the above. If I were to say neither, and that all even the hermaphrodite has one sex bias you would shout boring… because by Odin theoretic there must be fun in life and war is fun to those with superseded minds [here’s where the trick comes in …. it’s not Asgard, its … whatchmacallit, ya know black fellas land; indeed and no-one would dare double up in inferiority and stolen land complexity, here’s the thing, I didn’t but it sounded good for those who wanted a common enemy to say that I did, right].
For the fucking record, if I was not deprived of conversation, if I was not treated like a ‘tool,’ expected to be the same as everybody else [just the excuse for the experiment and researchers levee, hey], I would not have had to indulge to combat those who oppressed me to teach my children that life is bigger than being cooped in a room and left like flowers in the attic. Nor would I have been able to decode, exactly what fucked up beliefs and transgressions idiot humans trying to create a stratosphere of reality had done, had danced to and had given their hearts in ample [death] to relish, and thus started the domino effect [but string theory is taboo, yea].
I am tired of the harassment by those who fell in their striving to achieve glory, and it is appalling that I am subject of contentment based on  a one sided thoroughfare