Every time I write, they feel I push, in their favour.
I do not.
So, they wage warfare because they fail to fly in mine.
Time spent in love. Love of connection, knowing and yet unasked.
As a result of their ignorant failure to recognise and listen,
they exploit my identity.
I refuse to allow my shadow to be their hollow shape,
for inserting light into to get at the minds of many.
Their inner struggle their love.
They didn’t want to give up the fight.
Fighting truly, the shadow of themselves.
Wanting to be branded by those outside.
Willing to steal, to counteract the stories within,
To march and devour the myth of the hour
In effort to see themselves as the future.
The conflict in me,
In me alone
Is the knowing that I see
I see them refusing to grow
Instead wanting others to grow and empower them.
Taking what they looked at instead of what they were destined to give
Abroad, and for the greater good.
Transference effect other people involved, they too want only advantage
I am not their scape goat.
The knot of the two the vacuum of resist
That should have been cut by the talk silenced up,
I took back with the last kiss.

© All rights reserved. LRS.