What I have problems with is betrayal,
The way that denial becomes the convention,
To defeat the golden mile,
To feed those who accept that playing with logic;
Tricking the eyes,
Will lead their ego
To success,
To inspiration …
There is no need for me to torture myself
So that I can be torn apart
For the guilty wanting a scapegoat
To anchor insincerity,
There is no glutton for punishment
In my heart or
Like plaque stained teeth,
Only the will of what grounds me;
Not the grounding force of oppression
The wisdom,
I see others over educated on technology
Arrogantly they detest
Betraying themselves
I guess,
Because they see life and light as a pest.
A way of experience,
A means to engage,
But their terminology drains their heads
Of knowing the variation,
Giving the blackness which holds their light
Aggression everyday
Free-range, but not free of earth,
Scared they shun all the good,
Wanting themselves to be consoled
I know that this opinion of mine
Can be a superficial one
And an obstacle,
They reflect,
About me.