Anjos have legion,
People try to create
In vain or in desire,
the mechanisation.
The summons of god and satan
The dexterity of Michael and Gabriel,
The purple and the blue
The moderate and superficial
The nothing
The gender
The Mars and the accords
Jupiter in transit
To Pluto and afar,
When the construction is broken by the question of validity
The tumbleweeds cry
Ignorant to the fact their quest for utopia was denied
Wanting to fake a sorrowful cry
Drumming blackness
For the victorious to yield and give to the lessor
Who was without a heart but wanted
There to be a cause for their fall
Something more than
Seeds undone
The summon a shadow
The angry one
In the transition there is scorn
There is the wind between the phrase
the insinuation that is invisible
Where darkness are acclaimed
The want for the power
The power which beat
An infusion of resistance
Along the wrong retreat
Like wishes and moments
They only come once
The sordid feel happiness
In refusing to be
To be the mended
so they can draw
harrow to me
What is is is
What is chased
Remains in the belong’ers hand
That made in delusion
Only draws demons to demand