stay ..

they made a mistake
they were confronted
they opened me up
so they could claim me
yet it was me who wrapped myself in attraction
the magnet of order and time
travelling in sacred unspeakable space
I have now to accept they accept no blame
riled up to stand in opposition
once again
instead they try to turn the finger at the screams of my pain
pain from their assault
their ignorance
their blind infliction
facing threats of being ignored again
like they were forced to perceive
to see that that’s the catalyst of the error
but still they are refusing
to appreciate the very heart of me
wanting to call every who can to demonstrate
whilst all I feel is plagiarism
the trespass of my soul
those who only walk to have their body
their privates
their instinct opened up by acts of fetish and copulation
disregard closures
boundaries and mark contaminations
when they assume they are on to it
stalking the crevasse of the brain
objectifying to fulfill
where they have emptied their own
pushed past what is
what was their zone