Monkey see Monkey do.
I have my own face,
I am not under you.
Force me down
by weight and wrist
You violent mongrels
I stop your fist
I feel it is
Your inferiority
Which insists.

He says to my kids,
Stay on my mind’s side,
Don’t tell you mother,
she let me go
I fight,

I say let them go,
He pulls negativity across the good
He hurts me when he does so
Endangering them with lies,
Harming the light of their eyes,
Encouraging transference
Continuing with a forbidden ally,
Angry, he takes to women
Wanting women to turn upon me
Even in nicety,
They are not story tellers
Merely characters of his scene

His cross path,
Has had others harmed
He doesn’t care,
Wants me to pay instead,
To be dominant where he must not tred,
He spreads throughout my everyone,
The thought pro-found,
‘I know nothing’ …
Keeping a sordid beacon alive,

When that doesn’t blend
He reverts,
His fury, the coldness I couldn’t love,
Telling me to cut,
Like he is the producer of my mind,
Worse, he refused to accept
That I was on the ball
Me watching,
Holding all my honor
As his valor dis-honoured his own self
My love for he, dissolved,
Just as his parasite willed
Trying to steal my power
And continue as twins
Demeaning the guidance, he denied
At times using it in vain

He didn’t want to break,
He wanted to have me broken,
The truth is not in
The field he pitches
But the curs’ed cloud that follows
The light above and beyond the biology
For his cover-up is only pressuring
Dark space

In systemic order,
There is no biology
In systemic order,
There are no higher clouds
The conflict that is mirrored
Is all the slut can do these days
The confused see prudence to be sour
But that is the cheek of those
Sordidly trying to devour

Bound by so many who wanted him
To be their pony crusader
Putting forth the show,
Where the story I know
Is sacrificed
So all can tell their own

The wrongful use of silence
So he can appear to be the keeper
Of a throne of unknown,
Ownership of everything
In the imagined place,
Is the biggest crock
Using speech to try and cloud over,
Devaluing the truth of verse and meek

The energies of past
Must flow through
Every given lot
So that the spirit and the memories
Are resolved
and time has plot,
It cannot be strewn across
Nor thatched by those who want to stomp.
Oxygen is not a fiber
The soul cannot be lost
They evolve, by moving forward
Not chasing what they saw in black

Especially if earth calls you
To devour,
Those who invaded
To take and develop
A new spot,
A new story,
Undermining those who feel the colours of time
But are smashed
So the imagine is told to die

The catapult refraction
gives nothing to the vain
Nothing to the illusionists
Who want to increase pain
Denying the snap
trying to birth a new attitude
Dare I say
The dragon bites
And say’s absolutely
No way!


This poem is not open to interpretation. It has been written. LRS.