When the truth is questioned to implore dictated ideology, it can not be called reality. The misuse of time to create a paradoxical dimension, [like the fact that opportunists have tried to use the cyber dimension and the suggestion; that time has no lead, and that anything can be input in any place or at any moment and it still only projects towards the direction of time relay] is not reality either.
Trying to take hold of a being, called the keeper of time, making him a pawn in the shadow title, a father of time. Whilst insisting any who co-operably provides to that particular energy [human] being, has the power to own the hands of time, is so detrimental the population explosion indicates the planet is trying to out weight the ideology of that taking to ground. Twisting up the actual meaning of mother earths love-loops has been a game, that for as long as remembered, never grows, only stagnates the brains of mortals and thus, arouses violence and dis-obedience.

What they [opportunists] will for, is evil. Evil in this modality is reaching into a past tense and willing for the facts not be actual, but rather allowed to be changed, so that the future gives them the higher power. The human is not a computer programme, therefore these desires cannot be secured, the reality will snap back at the attempts. Opportunists will employ people to cover up the signs, instead creating melodrama about the victims if their game [by the way, the attempt to use the ‘Such is life’ slogan, is no longer an allowable recoil, for those who actively and free willingly try to change the course of fate. The such has caused violence, and crimes unnecessarily.
The cosmos is no computer programme neither. Time is constant. I might have to remind all, that planet, means plan-to-it, all fate has been created before life began. Infinite doesn’t mean numberless, it means continuum. Neither are cards in the hands of humans.

Technically, there are those who say, that they are faster than light, this is called inertia. It doesn’t happen to people on earth, even if they try to in-vision the future whilst believing they are riding the rock, taking chemicals, proclaiming to be at one with earth. Their insult to the planets consciousness is an abysmal attitude and anal in all density. This concept has been used to try and press in mortal desires, create thrones and draw interpersonal drones of, wanna be social attitude setters, who treat society as a cluster. Trying to parent it whilst forcing parents to stop igniting the minds of their children, instead make them [children] subjects of the capitalists who want to ‘download’ ways to think. This, the reverse equation of myth, trying to destroy mythology. Mythology is the binary of planet and time. Not ingredients for some master conspiracy to drain the colour of humanity, killing hearts. Offering financial rewards to those who can bow to those who try and dish the fallacy of insightful depiction. The builders, wanting to monopolize states and terms of life, know no truth. They want to walk on the roof, vanquish systemic order and proclaim themselves as gods. Threatening to kill or defame any who might have leverage, so they don’t have to accept shame.
They would take an opportunity to raise a woman, and call it being supportive of feminists, but they don’t give respect to the actual binary of male and female harmony in life. Wanting rather to dominate by creating an idol woman, a monogamous couple, which gives them all control. This is not balance, it is oppressive and un-natural.The way they try to hypnotically string people along is the entrapment.
Trying to take hold of people’s sublime, by their souls spiritual presence at particular historical moment and trying to muster an audience to retell a story which, by large, is not theirs to demonstrate is a crime higher than any court of law can league [this doesn’t mean they are escape artists, karma exists].
Teaching people to ignore the truth of cosmic time and resolve to try, instead and teach cold hate and despise, so they can freeze their own consequence or make others cry it away, is their blatancy, moreover false focus. I have watched humans actively try to capture a spirit who has the right to address a story of time, but silence instead silenced them. I have seen those bound in silence coveted and worked on to open up the round house, where by children are taught to spin their heads along with the planet, by targeting a point of the past. This false ideal of having gravity at the foot and a head in the sky is seriously only eyes on the clock, but yet somewhere in the tribulations of belief, it seem to keep these people thinking that the ability is real. The disregard for their intellect behind their own eyes is invasive.