Only one Rainbow

The core is the heart of existence,
Of planet and all inhabit-ants
It reaches
To teach us,
Of love and light and life,
The Mother Earth it’s keeper
It’s one true messiah and crown
Denounced by the petty
Who run,
To try and hold the earth,
As if,
In the
Palm of their own hand

The binary of man and woman
Not the whoa that chauvinists insist
But, the omen that man is better,
Bigger than his fist
There are those gifted escape,
Some just fall into place
The arms of a comforter;
Time maker
A soothe for the soul

The many spirits who’ve crossed
Into the opposite form of sex,
Still have a heart which loves,
Unlike those who fuck for lust

Many may be weakened at
The un-natural incur,
This is the damnation of dis-respect
The deepest punishment earned

Mother Earth insists on knowing her messenger’s
Angers if they ignore her say,
Adhering to their every day
She will not let impersonators,
take her at bay,
Their snares and cares,
Unworthy of her flares,

The players of her stage which
Fold outside the fated spring,
Fertilise atrocity and hostility;
Let’s not allow for them to win,
Nor blinding to occur;
Ignorance does not make peace,
But forces rubbish
To arise
& innocence to weep

There’s a lot to love
It is not an excuse for constriction;
There is correlation of core and stars
And cosmic waves of time,
Repentance of conviction

The fallacious desire for men to dominate
All the seven continents,
Must and can never win
This planet trembles enough

The forces of a guiding man
Want nothing but to dictate,
Directive men
Must be kept at bay,
From forcing things to work their desired way

Due to the astrological position
Each has a different
The infestation of reverse control
Has made the discord tumble under,

Maybe to draw balance …
The revolt,
Backing a male cold shoulder,
Maybe to beckon opportunity,
For men to keep abusing
The female creator,
The one the core made man as well,
Probably opposite,
So the fate would keep to pace
And allow humbleness in order …

© 2016