They raise any and all ideals
to try and stomp me down
clutch at information
to destroy intelligently
The game to crack my back
To break my heart
Is their blow;
The way the lens of the eye thatched
all around the plate
So the coveted can run a rap
And denounce the actual of life’s shape
The normalized hate
dully and blandly insisted
The truth they search for
to hold and try to achieve
Wanting to cut out the actual
so that power is transferred
Willing to believe the envious
Could break apart the ocean floor
The want to turn heads
to follow after the opinion of one eye
Instead of believing there is a clear
Fate of time.
Instilling fear to harness
To heard the bodies as if
the biology of man and she
makes all that people can see.
The anal is raw and angry
they try to make all hate me
Trying to outcast and subjectify
so they can be shafted and blow across a scene
I wish that they would have accepted, the truth and learnt respect
Instead I am unbroken
I know the true story.
They want to jeer and joke
saying there is nothing I can do
trying to recuperate their losses
by forcing violence on me mentally.
Breathing on my spirit
calling me a starving dog
Confusing all my pasts with excuses to assault me
and trying to rummage inside my brainstem.
All that I am,
Is not what gossip makes me
All that tries to listen through the keyboard
the electricity
the hype
Has the emptiness of flesh
and no body or soul within.

2016. (c)