If the fate of all life
On earth:

In dream or weather in time,
Is based on the structure of music;
May it be told, no one can shift the key,
No one can make streamline the focus of existence,
Based on a grab for who is the writer of eternity.

There is no room for trespassers,
What is of you to begin,
Always will loop back to you;
That’s where you harmony fits in,
It cannot be removed,
Transferred for another to play.

Several often crawl inside the flesh of many
To see,
To use the facts and make a frame;

Insist they are buoyant in eyes,
above light,
and faster than the speed of time.

The rhythm of continuum,
Infinity and space,
Is not from the sensors or the invokers
But, from the light of destiny,
The planet Earth, has a mind of it’s own;
It is not subject to any one,
All beings have their place,
Where magnitude streams energy,
And delivers clarity.

The signs of reality present themself,
Not for interpretation
Or for trickers to win,
But because the readers
The keepers,
The connected,
Feel their song,
As they have from the moment their spirit begin’d

Their heart leaps
Their mind soars
Lips remember, and
Will forever carry them on.

© 2016