There are enemies all around me
Idiots of their own narcissistic mind
Living without acknowledging
That there is correlation and time;

Looking upon me
to see themselves
recruiting people
to destroy the concept

All so they can be seen
as someone here
They should be living
as somewhere else

I am threatened by the crusaders
who were subjugated in their ruse
The ones who are not star people
rather they are of the grass root

The sky is eating the lungs
the brains and so much more;
because the enemy wants to stand
Beneath the southern sky and rule the floor

Wanting to create a new dream
Replacing whales with false tales
Spreading gossip and deceiving;
Transferring walks of life

Image delivery
Eye trickery
Desired perspective
Disturbing tranquillity;

I know the true light
Inside the minds
Of those who done no wrong,
It will outshine any enemies talk

For without
Can never be alright.

The argument of trying to trump
the actual of time
By propositioning a solution in hind
Is where I must draw the line

Some crimes are all to heinous
the Syrian conflict, an atrocity
All because of vain and fetish
A strive to be higher than the lord

The ignorance
and assaults on me
Everyone is connected
the way cannot be changed

Just because free radicals
try to dance
Raising demons of the past
to cure them mythologically?

Every place own certain energies
people the hosts of their might
when characters are conducting out of location
earth doesn’t function right

It hurts me so much
as I feel the victims cry
I am forced to defend
as the insubordinate try to continue the fight

I cannot make them willing
But I share the truth with love
I do not want them winning
They have no weapon of love

The tone of voice used to influence
A trip of harmony and flow
connecting to individuals
to re-present a show

Working tirelessly
to decode Mother Earths stage
and teach the little children
how to play for a visual dream

The enemy cannot take the inner light;
I chased, I found, I hunted
They still want to walk above
and instrument the buzz

Time is continuum
We are all but visitors to its cycle
A rider of the star people
Cannot make the cognitive be their chime

A love that is no more
Because to hate I do not give in

The structure of the globe
can never be out-dated
And violators of correlation
will never win

(c) LRS 2016