I find it odd, so many men can laugh at jokes cast about the antics of other men. The way that behaviours are jeered but interpretations suggests they are accepted.
The inhospitable wrath of the male inferiority complex, supported by the masculine ego allows ideals that all women harmed are the hands of god, keeping women in place [below them].
The fight of women who resist this and stood up against the men who taunt, tease and belittle them are then martyred, killed by kindness, but in no way are they the same kind. Such women don’t fight for superiority, they fight for their own right to be juxtaposed.

Yes, there are components; hierarchies and complementary’s of both sex types.

Yes, there are cross-sexes; that is part of mortality; it does not give empowerment to out force your point of switch; that fate had you needing to respect.
Yes, there are cross-sexers wanting to escape the holds of [mortality] clingers, and destiny handed them a way; time is the beckon of their mortality.

I find it sacrilegious to give bigger credit to people finding love and a person to embrace, of the same mature sex. They are only people.

I find it a disaster to try and teach society about the concept of another humans story or possibility of a story, so they can be prepared in advance and lessen shock … That takes all the fine tuning of life and experience away. Not to mention, that it can hinder one’s journey or defeat their companionship adventure.

It has been told by a man… If you don’t know who you are, you cannot be told; rubbish …
It is not about telling of who you are, but finding that point of action. Some people need to be told, also, so that if they have been pushed from the overthought, they can pull back on their penetration that affectingly and effectively can deteriorate that soul’s valuable footprints.

I find it not, in any way amusing, that some women back men, just to defeat other women. And that some men accumulate women to try and make a bigger stand against a female.

Globally, the universe makes us see things of both our past and the future. Places on earth are not an observational window, the window must be opened inside the self. [not by touches of sex either, that is just refraction, reflection, refraction, reflection … transference, and so on].
Humans; weather they see themselves and others’ as mortals, peoples, races, creeds, beings, biological mixes, animals or creatures cannot look to the light and try to raise it as their shadow.
Humans all have an origin, they all have a heart and mind, it is part of their pavement. Your’s is the only one you have a right to, and the idiosyncrasies of trying to cash up on the looks of it is one of the biggest energy consumers of this rubbish laden earth.
As harsh as that sounds, the point is; no mater how elevated you sit, your eye is not the beacon of eternal thought. The heart is not the weapon of defense and man’s decision to assume that Mother Earth is a viscous beast, needing control by a man who can stick it to her or that the planet is a rock for whatever we [man or woman] can think to make.

Life has lore’s. Earth has us of all. The galaxy has the Earth and the Universe has the Galaxy.