Who you share what is my spirituality,
my loyalty and my sacred place with
Is the biggest wrong you do to me,
Still your pushing for a win
You take what is of highest importance to me
You give and touch those who have, beyond their polite smiles
and the petulance of your personification,
Have vowed to destroy you, but you feel more than what you see
To do so they want you to remove my footsteps from the eyes of humanity
Give to you so that you can eliminate me
You allow those I have denied a hold on me
To proclaim that they give
To watch where I have said ‘be gone’
To add where I have hit and banded
Allowing the free will
Willing for your connections to entangle me in their unresolved mistakes,
They fight failure,
Like you.
My mortality
You envy
So, to feel snide
group on,
Wanting all to look beyond me
But I am not a put down
No bolt, No ball of density
Like they wish of me
Fishing for an attention point to blanket with your falsity
Knowing that you are known to me
But gazing to see how I saw you and insisting that is you
In my image
I give my image to none
I uphold the truth
The conventions of existence
The rules of life.
The Marxist upgrade
Devalue of a rank
Slut trying to consume athletically biomasses to configure the machine
This is what you hate of me
Your failing to respect my messages
The love of dystopia
The trying to accommodate
Is also done from the eyes of envy
Otherwise the entrepreneur would relent
Accept defeat
Give up the profiteering
Instead they persist
Trying to destroy mount Olympia; in unconscious ravage of sporting revenge
Willing to challenge the Commonwealth; ignorant to the decree
Of progress of what I have augmented
Thrusting all hatred and negativity into my lap
Stealing my children
So I am blacked out
Insisting a pocket so that a restaurant can fuel their push
Their skin they want to sculpt me in
Disrespecting the lore’s of energies
Whilst insulting ancestors of place and time
This lyric is final
No plot to pay the offensive
Will my heart ever give too,
Tacticians of the past conflicts are whom you open your ass for
I am tired of your rigger
The theft of my destiny
Whilst your post is left abandoned
Militants action heavy handed
Whilst you try to conjure against me
And after your tragedy
I give you the badge of blame for atrocity