Being yourself is deep;
What you can convince other people to perceive you as is superficial,
and many who play the game of in-vain are the lovers of their own fantasy.
To define ‘Imagine’: the experiences that pop up into the minds eye;
the natural relay of life experiences.
Imagination stems from the heart by attuning to visual stimulus, maturation indents or from other sensory cataclysm. (at times a combination). -“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know” Pema Chödrön.
The emphatic desire to see through another’s imagination has been a common game of mortals, in vain, to defeat their own failures of virtue. Such [gaming], gives no privilege to change religious beliefs, or to try and reconfigure the concept of insight.
This is also true of presentations through electronic light, from media, social and networked, news or art. No amount of projecting can deliver a hypnotic scenario of reality, regardless of the mass commonality of an ideal. Music too allures but the electronic sounds of willing against the elemental lore causes resistance amidst mortality.
As ourselves we are connected but their is no one ideological pattern of life that is the supreme. We live in a global state of juxtaposition, where the levels of before creation manifest throughout time and cannot [will not], be altercated because a human, be it man, character or woman wants the third eye direction to follow their desirable construction. The planet was long ago named a ‘planet’ because it has a plan to it. It seems that so much construction and deliberation may have blinded memory banks to that fact. Nature is a force, not a mother! Nature when trialed or petted, will turn on you in aggression. Mother Earth however has a grounding energy, loves and delivers provisions.
The people of earth think beyond the solar system, beyond the galaxy in their search for rationale. Truth is, the planet earth is human’s host, the core is not something that drugged minds, body eaters or the fixated can touch. (unfortunately they … can cause disruptions, arouse tensions and protagonise density). Her [earth’s] programming beckons only for those she owns… the many who refute her existence cannot employ woman’s bodies and try to hypnotize humanity, civility or patriots into providing them with a weight to project their anal (and selfish) hopes for prosperity.
We are who we will become before we were originally conceived, the biggest conflict of the globe is the disobedience to thy being. Remember that old idiom “The grass is always greener, (on the other side of the fence)”?
I encourage exploration [travel], it’s like food for the soul, but there is gluttony and their is greed. The glutton will trample everywhere either economically justifying their passage or in a want to hold their head higher than their residence approves. The greedy are like parasites trying to change the space they are seeing, trying to connect themselves by denationalizing the sacred and locational myth. Wanting time to be theirs and service to be at their tender, for they are cracked enough to regard themselves as a misfit.
There is no vision of any figure or bodily form that has the power to convince a swine. They live their days chasing the moment of a second chance. But never will they accept submission to their failure.
There are ties to lore of direction, and the souls born of a psychosis to refined a past memory and re-enact it to reach the future along a pathway as if the original didn’t happen are blasphemous.
Before this gets too deep…(just being my true self), I have to respect the sun, the center of our solar system, the energy battery that feeds all life on of earth.