Am I studied by those whom assume
to create their own presume
stuck in a void the tear me to pieces,
feeling better by putting down?

Is it the bible that instill fears
or those who have tried to lead eyes astray
and confuse the rhetoric,
knowing what the perspective can achieve?

Is it the looking to earth through the eyes of it
the insight of the refractive anticipation of it
which encourages people to display the way,
and rally others to follow their attitude?

Is it the hatred
of knowing there is always
someone to catch you,
that makes others push ?

Or is it the anger of wanting to deliver
your own destiny
you fail to surrender?

Unwilling because it exposes
it delivers the fated walk
The facts against your desire,
the enemy of you mirror and retort.

I am no-ones saddle nor tool
or even a type of fool
The contentious and the conscientious walk over me
I bite,
What they do is not right
trying to mirror my defense and arouse animosity
double take.