In this game of life,
that many stuck of partisan,
The desire to anchor with biological mass
Is the catalyst of ego tripping.

I have seen the spoilt
cleaned the filth,
To have myself tarnished
by those refuting the natural life.

I have been lied about
disregarded and spoken of unsavory,
As the instigators of genocide
feed the traitors and strive to un pay me.

People who refuse earths consciousness
wanting instead: to force it to agree,
Using disciplined souls to blow off punishments
as they penetrate into human psyche.

Watching as if
they have a right to be elevated,
Formulated residence
on the promise of revenge.

The central connections of humans have place
the extended components have a travelers face,
The story of time has long been contrived
but the truth is the real, which everybody feels.

Humans are connected to stellar space
but location is acceptable to special agates,
Those who try to absolve the skeletal order
are forcing innocents into slaughter.

I cannot make them see
yet they will me to try,
So they can keep fighting
from their observations of within what they assume of me.

They precept me to be the actual earth
wanting to present their own fortitudal mindscape,
Sucking and spraying
They call it atmospheric breathing!

But, the planet don’t breathe
the moon pulls the tide,
The human is character
Not the creators of perceive and combine.

The plague; the pox
they are all natural stops,
As the course is up-kept against
The players contempt.

What hurts the heart of me
is that I see,
The mistaken connections
Accepted as new authentications.

(c) 2016