oh how does the earth speak to you?
from what you see,
what you have remembered,
or what you look for?
are your eyes full of wonder?
trying to find,
the problems,
you can call problems because you tried to see the place
through another’s eyes?
do you set out to frame a contest,
to make an excuse for your ill will,
to fabricate the flamboyant fuckery,
that scratch you itch of guilt?
do you seek to double down?
the convention to defame,
and refracting on capital, 
whilst your harvest a gain?
or dare I say game?
or possible
your shadows are obscuring
the strength of me
you could not see.
does the earth remember your energy as it does me?
do you strive to out pace the hurt from another time,
similar place?
do you blame the fragments of heathen an hell
and saw me to be the promoter
oh well.
how mistaken you are,
I am sorry you tripped in a heated car
plonked me into a vision
and begged when I said no more.
It is wild a man, who tries to use both discord with accord,
the ravages are unruly
and the cannons are unleashed.
in the context of the cheese factory
to label frowns clowns
may you someday remember I am visionary
and striped from the call of ground.
you may have tried to scar me
I take it as a writ
for my life and body bears meaning
and my knowledge will not retreat.

(c) 2016