Your subtle paranoia

The deterrent of your restraint

Has me always blackened

And scared of what I seem

I hope your fucking happy

That is sarcasm

In case you haven’t guessed,

The bigger me sees clearer

Than you could possibly dream.

It is not enough for you to Hail Mary

And play a virgin card

It is not in the hand you were born with,

You cannot rise against the lord.

A Nobel then dishonored

Drives hatred upon me

So you can touch my links

Of spiritual ancestry,

Pretending I was nowhere

Using blunt force trauma to

Walk over rock,

Striding over my electricity

As you try to tie up knots.

Selfishly denying,

Using love,

Life and happiness,

Whilst you have willfully

deprived me of mine.

Trying to outweigh justice

Killing levels of earthen binds,

All so you can proclaim

and right off the colour of other peoples minds.

The argument continues,

The plot tries to say I’ve sick eyes.

Any excuse from your devoted troll,

You encouraged to assault me

Like he was your mole.

Metaphysical lore’s are denounced

To try to attract energy,

But the alchemy knows no master

As the game tries to engineer.

Engineer Gaia

For the sake of men’s desire

To hold

The earth in the palm of their hands,

You are laden with fool’s gold.

The blindness you tried pull

You have tried many times before

The Black Death,

My concubine

The counterpart.

Your vanity in history has been actually deplored,

But your vouched deceit,

Sees this ignored.

Confusing the pages of the world

As you try to thatch in time.


Fate has a way of reaching people

Those who try to create

Their own future and destiny

Are blasphemous and unkind.

As they beseech those,

Who guide them with goals.

Instead sitting backing only what their eyes alike.

Disregarding the hearts of any

Taking god light to a place,

Where if it doesn’t work for their desires,

Then it isn’t, cannot be right.

Suffocating with reputation slurs,

Trying to drown with

bodily fluid,

Causing cancers inside the wombs of women

Wafting to amend.

Dark matter blazed at,

With a thatch of a new sight.

Stolen ideology,

Coveted frames of what is

Of time.

The way you surrendered

to giving yourself in my place,

To allow the parasite to play tricks

On many minds.

Thinking he was beneficial

And you taking tips,

Chasing the dragon became your story

Instead of the parchment and ledger of mine.

All the while you lost yourself,

and decided you looked better than me,

Answering as if you were,

Making everybody hate me.

Talking over me to my children

Telling them I did not speak.

Studies of me,

Experiments on me,

All took you places to feed a thief.


I am not extinct

As your body has tried to burn in

Your collaboration of a biblical book

Which saw Enoch removed

And there be no such thing as sin

All to tie up ends,

Put a bludgeoned man on the throne

Who wants a throne himself

Replacing the lord

Who was formerly known as Jesus

You spread lies of ill intent,

Or at least that was demonstrated

When I was slammed to the floor.

I carry these injuries

Your rort more important

that the wind could speak.

Now they are put downs

I must fight,

With every yawn

And storm.