Mimic is the fraught of all hostility,
The way that facts are used as an anchorage to present a defamation is evidence of disregard.
An angry man, will jump first,
And always sacrifice higher knowledge.
Because they like better, to feel superior.
The stratosphere of continental locations are part of Earth’s core and human’s invigoration.
Once you think you can be a controller of society, an influence to civility,
Then you become blinded to the globe’s needs,
Caring only for yourself
and blaming others for your will to supersede.
Framing violence to hold a surge of visualization to steer eyes against the energy equation,
Drains the elders and the future.
The hatred you focus and try to suffocate minds as you clash at heart, trying to proclaim.
Call it love and push pains into those who have had love for you in your pasts,
Who do you allow to proclaim with you?
Why do you foster only those who yield to your satire?
As you play your biological game.
A level not of the highest,
A misconstruction the terrorised feel every day.
The fight you put up to destroy a being you don’t even know
Giving accolade to plagiarists and cheats.
Burning into eyes,
Allowing ones to sit,
Where they ignore what they should face,
And face what is not theirs to endure.
As they play to keep what is a stolen brand
Experience is the retardation of
Wrongful interpretation,
Bureaucracy an obstacle
the way you exaggerated what was negative
And instead of working to correct it
You delivered negativity and tried to call positive crazy.
This projection is not to be twisted, for my sight is clear.
You take my angle and use it as if it was yours,
Giving credit to any who attacks me,
Buddying to their whimper.
Avoiding what is needed for characters of god to register.
My contribution was to guide you on what is not allowed,
This is and always has been what holds my vision here.
This land that weather you like it or not, owns me too.
Unlike you I am not bought,
Nor have I sold my mortality,
You feed those who have invaded,
And now spoil you with cheer
The ones who stole
Aimed to kill beliefs,
muddle the ancestral knowledge’s of stars and galaxy,
Human and mortal harmony.
To take over the skies
Aiming to
Make the man who raises women the lead.
When indeed that is European, African and Oriental
But this is Australis.
Have you forgotten?
or is the country so enmeshed there is no need?
Putting yourselves above my peak of design
I have constructed for the longest part of time
As you want so much to redefine.
The design unchangeable,
The dynamic of energy and migration
Pseudo rhythms of spirits, souls and hearts.
Going, returning, protecting.
Now the game was to attack me in enthusiasm of false blame.
Accepted by the house of state and nation,
Yet the team you use has nothing but hostility in their own minds.
I know because they trespass me,
Refusing to yarn
Rather to snatch and drift.
So they can sit like honourable men.
When they are downing the women who raise them,
to give to themselves what beseeches noble code.
When really they get off on watching the rift.
Reeling crowds to wear women down
Who do not live like whores.
Wanting to conquer the patronage.
Trying to grow the populous like a child
of a state of mind.
Draining individuality and squashing herald values:
The lessons of the value that give movement to life.
Draining by lying to colour a fortitude of aggression
which supports acting out of hate.
Ignorance is not an excuse for a cocky ego.
The desire to reap and give for apology
Instead of walking the destiny learning to direct the young.
Teaching of their wrongs and holding sacred ground.