Extant verbosity..

To read into a Shakespearian play, you can often see metaphysical breaches. When the plays fail to reap the desire and how those breaches infuriate anger. Also, you witness the glory of integrity. The principals are pure and the democratic argument has no place for wrestling.

The basic principle of Romeo and Juliet is that the ‘guy’ who threw Juliet across to the Capulet’s like bait to lure Romeo into wedding her so he could have power of both family shields was in breach of the lore. Romeo gave up his life because he was wedged between a rock and a hard place. Not wanting to defy his family who were wanting peace, but knowing he himself would be seen as the convicted man who breached the lore, despite the plan not being his innovation. Maybe, Rosina was once a Montague and their love was a broken destiny.?. This however leaves Juliette to be seen as the undesirable who wanted to over power the plan for peace and instead capture Romeo in an effort to turn him into a traitor, so eventually she could be the one empowering over all people who knew of the feud between the families.

The second principle lies with the calamity of, what if Juliet wasn’t thrown she was an offering?  To argue; Juliet was no offering from the Capulet’s to the Montague’s, if she was, she wouldn’t have lied and pretended to be dead. A power struggle is a more likely logic. This gives Romeo’s valor cogency, loyalty to the Montagues. Moreover, Juliet wasn’t peaceful she was cunning and provocative, remember the Montague’s and the Capulet’s were sworn enemies and she argued against her designated courtship. Juliet may well have been a seeker of greater power herself. That, then provides the second principal: The lore of taking something you see as wrong and trying to turn it into your favour. The Latin  saying ‘culpam poena premit comes’.

These lores are fundamentally sound and are not absolute to sex detail of the legend.

Frida Kahlo said “Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.”

I understand this with regards to limits. Reating this to Romeo and Juliet; circumstances being reoccurring within desires and frictions towards authority. Lores, metaphysical and astro-metaphysical patterns, are core and central to stream and insight. Gravity is dense and darkness isn’t the same as blackness.

Some believe Shakespeare constructed a story, a tale of awareness to differences of love and attraction. The will of honour and the desire for power. The stalwart mechanics of complementary.