If the whole globe of people understood the different contexts in the meaning behind the term god, there would still be those who wanted to be something they are not; this is not an optimistic approach its a pessimistic reproach.

I argue that;

The terms god doesn’t change from location to location the pattern is approximate to time. Identifiable to only those who are of the clan. The landers that play to the minds and try to invoke the cosmic elements, because they [the landers] only see grounds initiate fighting the contexts and blanketing eyes. They kill the innocent because the upstanding [of time] are overset by those wanting their personal objective to be a reality. Denouncing one context to choose another because it appeals to their desire.

Notions made by those who try to take into their stature the height of the people born of the real momentum of land. To debate the intricacies of history’s page, to spark a belief, drain the young of their befitting into the context they are of.
Mythology is only profound to the true holder of their god.
People who belief they are their own god, know nothing of mythology and live to fulfill their illusion.
Fantasy takes them only to learn what they are not. but the futile refuse to learn what they are not and try to become what they like.

The attitudes of those who use things backwards, however sublime, cannot be the hand to deliver fortune. Such people foolishly try to depict a vision and have people look their willful way.
Souls see from the light, people see from their recoil. This is part of growth. However, when that recoil is stolen from another’s inner light the darkness must be fought. So the spirit can be real and earth can breathe.

Mans desire to be the mechanic to the planet and to humans cognitive world is blasphemy. Pure and simple. The earth is an organism, not a machine. There is logic only in the context of god. The where, when, of, and from. The calibre all humans recoil within and the duty embedded in the soul.
The merit:
That old saying, ‘there’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place’ Is a lords whisper. And as long as those out of place work to make placements, they are causing displacement in the place they belong.