When you’re reading this

What projection do you have?

Are you the type to want to pick and saddle, to ride the light?

Unwilling to know what is you and what is me.

Do you attach to remove what my thoughts be,

then take them as your own,

to deliver an impression.

Depriving me of my direction?

The capability to try and see inside the receiver of insight

is not a gift of augment.

It is an invasion!

The avenue of exploration of imagination

often left open for the explorers,

who are chasing parts of themselves

which might have been in a similar room.

The room of time,

The room of place,

The mansion of the heart

Or the sublime of a face.

Lackey’s who confuse darkness with blackness,

have grasps on people’s eye,

The exploiters,

the violators of the mind.

Trying to take;

The journey

The achievements

Without respecting essence, spirit or design.

Trying to mantle the cortex of a globalized populous,

Willing to decease the fragmented sectors & use blinding tactics to hide cheer.

Invoking famine and fear.

Civilians laugh to shake of the intrusions to their joy

To win a pace.

Eyes are no minstrel for those who mark happiness into the place.

The gamers playing to steer the insight,

Never see the light.

Only drain colour and stalwart.