Myth is beginning.

Characters are primordial.

Myth invites the divine beings to display a human face; the unchangeable sacred reality of ab initio.

“The myth proclaims the appearance of a new cosmic situation or a primordial event….it is always the recital of a creation” (Eliade, 1987, p. 95).

Then Myth, is the train tracks of reality.

There are variable increments to Myth. Humans cannot simply make themselves of a higher divinity by mythologically fantasizing about their projections of mind.

The loops that are stretched to be recognised snap back to the absolute, the ab origine (the spirit) cannot be removed to have reconfigurations of myth [deceptions] create a structured environment.

Nature cannot be controlled by humans. Regardless of the entrapment of divine beings.

The invocation of Mythical spirits is against the Gods.

This sounds like I’m trying to put the Gods above the Myth, this is not so. The increments are synchronized. The ontology of one is not the primordial behaviour of the other. For millennia humans have believed the wrath of the gods causes fatalities when it’s rather the insubordination, disobedience and blasphemy of humans which triggers a recoil.

Myth is owned by lands, Lands own people, in turn those people own the land.

Custodians are grounds keepers, they must respect the ancestors as the ancestors hold the Myth.

The colour of the blood is not always the colour of the being. The spirit of the skin is not always the spirit of the soul, however blood and bones have effect. The blood is placed in the circle of tradition. Bones are magnets and are attached to the spirit.

The earth often cries to shift bones when there is a displacement of sacred Myth.

The earth has a skeleton of her own.

If her bones are broken, she cannot breathe.