Duration of duress.

There is the history you hold, and the history you take.

The facts which are forgotten, can become the tools which turn enemies.

Enemies into wild roth. Whereby they fight to defend their past actions, taking down all rightful progressives who deviated from those enemies’ wrongs.

Moreover, enemies who plot and ploy to destroy the core values of the deviants heart. To try and break the pathway of justice and earth. Who turn into predators which chase and stalk to maim any who refutes their frame.

Reasons for such animosity, the rouse of the enemies flare, comes from the disproportionate value of conquest and a deprave of having any cares.

The desire to change contaminated by the will of want as well as the charisma adored from stealing the brains core light.

Whilst I have experienced many an abuse. I have not made enemies, they have only refracted their own visualization of themselves through me.

Time has the audacity to hold a sequential accord. Those who toy with heights to twist it or augment it via light, really are living inside themselves, trying to convince the world of their objective overview and future course.

I have seen many in this state of mind, they have made an enemy out of me, so vindictive rather than humble with turning or relenting.

Instead, happy to bask in glory of attention and vanity. As they gleefully altercate mindful sanity…. or attempt to try !

Harmony is clashes, but not from the strict positive of opposition. When opposition becomes the footing and un-deceased, the vortex sucks the dispute into protraction.

Being unctuous is a new weapon of the unclean. The tug-of-war to contest the belief of gravity and the fight to be of higher sky is pandemonium of fetish subjugated hospitality.

The velocity of mindfulness is patterned by time. Not from duty. Not from desire, lsd or mediocracy.

Illumination of delusion becomes the pictorial. The main attitude that must be sustained for those who turn into predators, to be held at bay.

But this only fuels their fantasy of ensconce, whilst the hunger is left cycling on a loop that defecates the true spine.

The insigne of humanity is to first and foremost love.

The hind sight of recollect is to point out the hazards of a conflict.

The battle begins when the complex’s are put to the test. The knowledge is tested and yet the grill is left unmet. The love becomes the love to take. The hate masked by aesthetic blinds as the exploded value of love slowly dies.

When closure is confused with resolve the spiral inverts upon the justice and allows bleeding to incur.

Bleeding across, the senses, the rested and the young. All because those who mock the just, arouse others to attack an enemy their game makes common.

Disputes of the self, the self you see, the self they see and the self of being even the self of knowing and growing.

Time is marked by many intricacies, for use, for steed, for movement. Time is one of those devices that has changed it’s value as it is housed as a design.

Like the body that changes and the spirits which don’t. The complementary resistance from those who only live for persistence.

The persistence is the enemy, the addiction. The directorship.

But regardless of all the kafuffle, the colours happily drained. The planet stops for no-one regardless of how they twist or urge to reconfigure. For envy or misdeed.

Those with coded principles, who are pushed to re-arrange have all rightful mechanism to be left wing in their aqualung.

There is a contrast of secular and grant. There is a confusion of entitlement and allow. The charismatic who breach the boundaries of time to erect a fortitude of wealth against the spine of creativity are the contaminators of what is earthen.

I don’t think those who cross the footpath of another and proclaim it to be open walkway have any rights to impair the logic of civil residents to pursue an influential projection.

Fate has, like maturity, has got specialized releases, like the skin of a snake. When fights are initiated over who gets the credit there is no credit. When the researchers are underhandedly working as that enemy who tries to act in love when they are shroud in hate.

The shroud if used as an orb light to refract the depiction, there is the shimmer of truth; there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a sunrise of every day, a moon bow in every shower and a something for every cause.

If you resist time, time will find you!